The smoothest and most dynamic data visualization board

What is Uvibo?

  • Uvibo is a platform that provides website owners a tool to visualize their content and present it in a dynamic and multi dimensional way. The consumer of content profits from individualized and aggregated content from multiple sources represented in a multi dimensional visualization with a high level of usability.

  • Uvibo boards allow website owners to display 3-5 times more items on their landing pages while increasing their user retention and bringing social media to their very own websites. Uvibo boars allow to show more objects on less space in a unique way.

  • Content from multiple sources can be dynamically displayed on the same canvas. Bringing social media content directly to the original websites external traffic from social media platforms will be transferred into social media retention on the webpages of uvibo board owners.



Convert your static data into dynamic, realtime board.


Uvibo adds new playful interaction possibilities to your data.

Engage Users

Everything is aimed toward engaging more users. Through playful interaction with data, users spend more time on you


Connect many data sources like Facebook or Twitter. Your best and most important news on one board!

Increase Retention

By keeping user-prioritised news, your users have more initiative to come back!

Made With Love

Uvibo board is in constant development. We always pay attention to detail and your feedback for a better product!

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